Drawing from the profound Syrian authenticity and the diverse culinary traditions it boasts, we gather in Sultan Al-Sharq Restaurant the finest bounty and produce sourced from our land. We blend them with the heritage of generations who have excelled in the delicacies of food, spanning from the luxurious dishes of major Syrian cities, north and south, to the simplicity and goodness of village morsels, east and west. We select them meticulously and present them to you in their delectable, sumptuous, and flavorful essence, worthy of your discerning palate.

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Sultan Al-Sharq is a five-star Middle Eastern Syrian restaurant that presents Syrian cuisine in all its facets with a distinctive style that preserves the authenticity of the dishes and adds its own royal touches, enriching and enhancing their flavor. We rely on high-quality raw materials to obtain a wonderful and unique taste. In addition to traditional dishes, and to satisfy the tastes of all our guests, we have made it our priority to offer many healthy meals and dishes tailored for vegetarians.

Sultan Al-Sharq occupies an elegant location in Al Qusour District in Damascus, which is a quiet residential area away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing comfortable and enjoyable ambiance for its guests. The restaurant is characterized by its interior design, which combines luxury, elegance, and innovation, through the choice of soothing colors, unique artistic paintings, and authentic decorations. The restaurant can accommodate approximately 550 people, distributed across several halls, including the main hall, private hall, and summer terrace, in addition to a separate section for non-smokers. We also host all types of events in our diverse halls, including weddings, birthdays, corporate meals, groups, and more…

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